Ethics & Compliance

We, the Company, are committed to have quality in our people and our products. We work hard every day to earn a reputation of trust, honesty and candor, while being mindful of our responsibilities to our shareholders, our customers, our partners and each other.
The Company believes that trusting, long-term relationships are built through honesty, openness and fair play. Therefore, all aspects of our business are based on the highest ethical standards.
This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“the Code”) describes what acting with integrity means at the Company and how it relates to our core beliefs and leadership. It outlines principles to guide ethical decision-making and gives practical answers to many of the ethical questions we face in the course of our work. Often these questions are difficult, and the Code directs us to resources within the Company for assistance. Scrupulously and consistently adhering to these guidelines ensures that our customers, employees, suppliers and investors can rely on our integrity which ultimately fosters a climate for our long-term success.
Our commitment to the Code will help ensure that not only our leaders in the Company "walk the talk", but also each employee reflects our culture, based on trust and truthfulness.
By signing the Code, we agree to abide by its guidelines, including all applicable laws and regulations, as well as all the Company policies and procedures. In doing so, we commit to identifying and reporting any violation of the Code.  We shall display moral courage by challenging any action that may undermine the principles in this Code and the Company’s reputation of integrity and honesty. 
The Code and our commitment to it, is an essential component of our plan for catapulting the Company to a world-class Company. This policy defines the rules for all staff.