Household Electrical Appliances Testing

GMES conducts safety and performance tests on the Household Electrical Appliances such as Electric iron,  Plug & Sockets, Refrigerating Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing  Machines,  Air  conditioners,  cooking    ranges, Ovens,    Kitchen Machines, Hair Care products such as Hair dryer and straighteners, Shavers, Storage  water    Heaters,  Microwave Ovens, Deep Fat Fryers, Electric Fans, Floor   treatment   machines,  Heating 
Appliances, Clocks, Battery chargers, Room heaters, Electric Appliance for use with Aquariums, Dishwashers, Air cleaning appliances, Immersion Heaters, Amusement Machines, Fabric steamers,   Garden   Blower,   Blower vacuum etc..
GMES has developed a unique facility as a Conformity Assessment Body (CB) for the testing of Low voltage Electrical Appliance as per following standards IEC, SASO, KUKAS and SONCAP standards,   which   is   part   of   pre 
shipment inspection of such appliances To KSA, Kuwait, Nigeria and / Other Mid East Countries. 
GMES is also capable of performing tests on many other products based on various   national   and   international standards: 
  • Audio/Video equipment testing.
  • Electric Power Tools testing
  • Electric Cables testing
  • Luminaires testing
  • Electric Motors testing
  • Battery & Battery chargers testing
  • Energy Meter testing
  • Switch Gears, Breakers testing 
GMES has the capability to perform both CB and Full IEC testing. Following Electrical safety / conformity tests are carried out for these appliances; 
  • Visual inspection for pysical damage and checking for markign details.
  • Earth  bond  resistance  for  Class  I appliances.
  • Insulation resistance check for Class 1&11 appliances.
  • Current  leakage  and  load  current leakage test.
  • Touch current testing
  • Operational test.
  • Mechanical strength testing
  • Temperature and Humidity test for AC & Refrigerators.
  • Ingress   protection   against   water, moisture and dust.
  • IEC lead testing.
  • IP Test (Protection against Water, Moisture, Dust).
  • Environmental testing (Humidity, Tropical climate).
  • Control Panel Testing
  • Water Fixtures Flow rate testing
  • Window safety restrictors testing