PRV & PSV Testing

GMES has the capability of PRVs PSVs Testing. GMES possess a Stage of the art Pressure Test Bench from Ventil Netherland  is  used  for  inspection Testing  and  certification  of  PRVs / PSVs with maximum Flange size of 10”  and  popping  pressure  up  to 300bar / 4350   as per API 527& 576 Standard. The Test bench is heavy constructed  with  automatic 3-claw clamping device for clamping Pressure Safety Valves in the range 12 “ - 10”.
The  valve  can  be  clamped  within seconds at a maximum clamping force of 250 KN (25.000 kg). The VC-25-SP is designed for gas service.
Seat Leakage Detection
The seat leakage can be detected and measured (according   to   AP1527) within a set adapters and a bubble tester fitted on the test bench.
GMES Testing Engineers and Technicians
are well versed with relevant   API   standard   and   have enough experience of Valve testing and maintenance both in house and at client sites