Tank Calibration

GMES has the capability to calibrate storage   tanks   of   varied   capacity. Different methods are used depending on the type, shape and location All calibration are performed in accord-ance  with  internationally  acclaimed standards such as API and ISO. Our teams can be activated at short notice. Calibration dossier (chart &  support-ing    documents)  are  submitted  to client in hard and soft form.
Similar to calibration to Tank, Mobile Tank Unite (Bowzers) and LPG Storage Devices,   are   also   required   to   be calibrate for measurement of accurate Quantities at various levels.
The following is the category -wise list of tanks /Vessels calibrated by GMES:
Upright Cylindrical Tanks (Vertical)
  • Floating Roof Tank
  • Fixed   Roof   Tank   with   internal Floating Cover
  • Fixed Roof Tanks
  • Semispherical Tanks
  • Spherical   Tank   Horizontal
  • Tanks (Buried/Above - ground) LPG Bullets / Vessels
  • LPG Bowzers
Picture of Total Station, Theodolite, Steel Tape, our proving tank etc.